My Favorite Mistake is a collection of stories from successful and influential women on how they've used a "mistake" to their advantage. We believe lessons learned can serve other women in business. MFM celebrates strong, empowered women who take chances, follow their dreams, and make their lives and businesses work together.

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Meet the authors:


Author, Natalie Susi - Founder, Bare Mixers

Natalie Susi is a writer, teacher, and female entrepreneur. Originally from Deleware, she taught high school English and then moved to San Diego to obtain her MA in English Literature at SDSU where she ended up teaching until 2010.

Natalie had always been interested in starting her own business, so she changed career paths and created a product in the food and beverage industry called Bare Mixers, an all-natural, low-calorie cocktail mixer. She's been featured on as one of the "Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in San Diego."

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Author, Jody Greene - CMO, Chic CEO

Originally an Oregonian and an alum of the College of Business at Cal State, San Marcos where she honed her marketing skills, Jody found her entrepreneurial spirit. She has been in marketing for the past decade and also owned and operated a styling and personal shopping business before teaming up with business partner, Stephanie Burns, to become the Chief Marketing Officer and co-owner of Chic CEO.

Jody enjoys being active in the community through numerous volunteer outlets, has a passion for connecting people and an eye for style.

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Author, Stephanie Burns - Founder, Chic CEO

A mid-westerner at heart, Stephanie is the founder and CEO of Chic CEO. With a background in brand building, media buying, strategy and entrepreneurship, Burns has wide experience with an eclectic portfolio of industries.

While pursuing her MBA, Stephanie decided to launch a web resource any woman could use and understand without having to obtain a business degree. As CEO, her vision for Chic CEO is to become a nationally recognized brand and reliable resource for female entrepreneurs.

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My Favorite Mistake is a funny, inventive, relatable, and informative book written by female entrepreneurs, Natalie Susi, Jody Greene, and Stepanie Burns, based on interviews with the world's most successful entrepreneurs. It catalogues their journey (hurdles and pitfalls included) and covers all of the main questions that women have when starting a business, and the answers will come from women who have reached a certain level of success and acknowledgment in their respective fields.

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Submit Your Favorite Mistake

We've always believed that sharing stories of triumph and failures is a great way to gain guidance and knowledge. Hearing how other women have navigated their way through mistakes they've made is not only educational, but fascinating.

Hearing your stories, your mistakes - is equally as valuable. We want to hear all about YOUR favorite mistake!

You might be featured in the book!! Submit your favorite mistake here.

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